Lennart Dobravsky

👋 Hey, I'm Lennart, a research analyst, tech writer, and data-chart nerd.

As the founder of Research+Attitude, my team and I craft top-tier thought leadership content that empowers business leaders and their companies to become the smartest voices in their industries.

I also lead TNMT, a dope trends publication I created for the Lufthansa Innovation Hub in 2018, where I continue to serve as the host and editor-in-chief.

I'm your go-to guy for unearthing market insights.

Why is that?

I’ve always been obsessed with crafting unconventional, data-driven analyses that explore the hidden insights and market trends that shape the future of industries.

Humble brag time:

My research has been featured in leading media outlets like The Financial Times, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, New York Magazine, and many more.

Before going independent with Research+Attitude, I held positions as Lufthansa Innovation Hub's Director of Research & Intelligence, Principal Publishing at Axel Springer hy, and Research Analyst at Bain & Company.

In all these roles, I decoded emerging trends, unraveled patterns, and unveiled growth opportunities across various industries.

Uncovering trends has literally been my job for the past ten years.

Before all of that:

  • I played semi-pro football (soccer) in 🇩🇪 and 🇨🇦
  • Earned my UEFA B-Level coaching license ⚽
  • Became an Academic All-Canadian 👨‍🎓
  • Snowboarded the Rocky Mountains 🏂
  • And completed my Master's degree in International Business at Queen's University in Canada and the University of St.Gallen, Switzerland 🎓

Now, I call Berlin home.

Join my research ride

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OneChart serves a growing community of data-hungry, truth-seeking readers.

Focus areas? I cover all kinds of industries and topics, although I have a soft spot for transportation, finance, and climate tech.

Speaking gigs

I regularly speak at interesting events and private briefings.

Clients include travel, mobility, and investment firms, as well as industry groups, conference providers, and academic institutions.

Speaking topics cover:

  • Trends and innovation across travel, mobility, and transportation 📈
  • Corporate innovation, startups, and venture capital 💰
  • Data-driven approaches to uncover trends and opportunities ⚙️
  • Scaling research & content orgs for high-quality corporate publishing 📝

Let's chat

Before I forget, I'm always eager to receive constructive feedback, tips for future data charts, or ideas on how to improve OneChart.

So, reach out! You can contact me at lennart@onechart.co

Interested in collaborating? Shoot me an email or check out Research+Attitude.