🤝 Trust in the post-pandemic world

Unfortunately, the trust of the people in most democracies has fallen over the past years.

🤝 Trust in the post-pandemic world

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The VisualCapitalist produced a simple and comprehensive overview of the level of trust in the government among the population in major countries around the world.

Why is the topic of trust a worthwhile discussion?

Trust in the government is the bedrock and foundation of a functioning society.

Without it, nations can fall into a state of disarray and conflict.

Furthermore, trust empowers governments to take responsible risks and, should mistakes be made, rebound from them.

The same is true for organizations and businesses.

Unfortunately, the trust of the people in most democracies has fallen over the past years.

According to the Edelman Trust Barometer 2022, the trust index in the United States, for instance, is at an all-time low.

Given this, it is increasingly difficult for the public to have constructive and civil debates about issues disagreed upon.

Instead, there is a vicious cycle of personal attacks and back-and-forths that yield resentment rather than rapport.

It is integral for democratic systems that trust in the government is regained. Otherwise, this could have far-reaching consequences for society in the future.

The question is: how?

Online, there is a never-ending barrage of fake news, propaganda, and disinformation, all of which distort reality. People are spoon-fed conspiracy theories and blatant lies, unable to determine which information is true or false.

To cut through the ceaseless noise, the public has to be taught how to fact-check sources and think critically about the media it consumes.

In doing so, people can learn how to engage meaningfully with content, gather intel and make informed decisions.

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