🔌 Stunning stats from Norway

The market share of newly sold electric vehicles in Norway stands at a stunning 84%.

🔌 Stunning stats from Norway

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Over the past few months, I have had the honor to work with one of the world’s greatest thought leaders.

Azeem Azhar is a bestselling author, economist, and the brain behind the Exponential View (EV) online publication, which is read by more than 150k people each week.

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Together, we took a closer look at the electrification of several industries, including the automobile industry.

And we have come across a compelling statistic.

According to the latest analysis, the market share of newly sold electric vehicles in Norway stands at a stunning 84%.

Why is this generation defining?

Norway showcases what will one day be a possibility for the entire world.

The Nordic nation has seen the sale of gas-powered cars nearly vanish altogether while the sale of electric cars has risen exponentially.

For those outside of Norway, such a reality appears decades away.

So, what exactly has caused this rapid shift?

  • Massive state subsidies, which, for instance, include a 0% sales tax for electric cars vs. 25% for their gas-fueled counterparts, have made the cost of e-models competitive in Norway.
  • Road privileges for electric cars, such as free parking and the permission to use carpool and bus lanes, have been a large part of this trend.
  • There are more than 16,000 charging stations in Norway,  providing nationwide coverage with the necessary infrastructure for frictionless electric car travel.

While skeptics argue that Norway is artificially distorting free-market dynamics by heavily taxing gas-powered cars, the counterargument is that doing so is a fair way to truly represent the environmental costs of conventional cars.