🥛 Drinking milk is the new smoking

49% of Gen Z is "ashamed" to order milk in public, says dairy giant Arla in a new research report.

🥛 Drinking milk is the new smoking

Research reports from consumer-goods companies tend to have a slightly biased view.

But today's statistic is fascinating, especially as its message is counterintuitive to what its source would like it to be.

49% of Gen Z is "ashamed" to order milk in public, says dairy giant Arla.

The dairy cooperative concludes that social media and "cancel culture" shape attitudes of younger generations like never before.

What’s the bigger trend?

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact our diets have and opting to make more sustainable food choices.

One evidence of this is in Gen Z’s reluctance to purchase dairy in public out of social stigma. It’s more culturally conscientious to choose plant-based dairy alternatives.

Why is this generation defining?

One thing is for sure. We’re only at the beginning of a vegetarian and vegan-dominant food culture.

Vegetarianism is considered one of the most effective ways to reduce our personal carbon footprint. Research shows that high meat consumption is a significant pollutant to the environment.

Not only that, but our relationship to the exploitation of animals is changing. Future generations may look back at this period, aghast at the rate of inorganic growth and massacre for meat.

The shifting dynamic towards a more sustainable diet provides ample business opportunities. Companies like Oatly and BeyondMeat are just the tip of the iceberg.